The Corry Area Free Clinic will provide high quality health services for people in the Union City Area School District and the Corry Area School District who can not afford medical care or who do not qualify for government assistance. The Corry Area Free Clinic will provide the facilities, organizational structure and management, so that volunteer medical professionals can conveniently provide medical services in a non-judgmental and welcoming environment.

In addition to providing a commitment to families and their primary care, the CAFC will also emphasize health education and prevention. Our vision and intention is that the CAFC human interactions and social environment will support the patient’s sense of dignity, personal responsibility, and self-reliance.

The benefits of the Corry Area Free Clinic will include:

  • Providing benefits to those who have been excluded by delivering health care in a caring environment that ministers to the whole person.
  • Providing benefits to area hospitals by caring for those patients receiving primary care services or catastrophic care in the CMH emergency room, most of which are non-reimbursed services: these patients will receive preventative and primary care in an appropriate setting.
  • Providing benefits to the public by keeping individuals healthy and productive members of the community.
  • Providing benefits to local businesses by increasing the health and wellness of a substantial part of their work force.
  • Providing benefits to caregivers and volunteers by building a sense of community and caring that transcends barriers and delivers a sense of joy and worth to those we serve at the CAFC.